Nature is the greatest healer. There is much to observe and enjoy in nature. More and more studies are proving that being in natural surroundings can be very therapeutic and relaxing for an individual – even a half-an-hour’s walk through the park is extremely beneficial.

During my childhood I lived in a neighbourhood surrounded by greenery and natural beauty – lots of trees, large areas of grass, seasonal flowers to see, plants and shrubs, colours in the autumn, the occasional delight of glimpsing a rabbit, squirrel or a fox (we also had parklands and woodlands nearby just outside the local neighbourhood) – all of this in the middle of a busy inner city area! I grew up being very fond of, and drawn to nature.

I find so much joy and meaning in the little details in objects of nature; details that will escape the senses of most observers but which I believe only artists will notice and comprehend the beauty of – such as the fresh fragrance of the earth after a shower of rain that makes your lungs expand and your breath deep, or the feel of the sun’s warmth on the skin that makes the skin tingle; the breathtaking sight of tiny dew drops glistening like pearls in the sun, or the excitement at the first sight of a daffodil in late winter that signals the coming of spring – The blissfulness of these experiences from my contact with nature is immense. Even in winter there is so much to discover.

From here, my interest in photography began; witnessing and absorbing such splendor resulted in me wanting to capture the beauty just to look at and relish over afterwards, thus initially I began to shoot random photos with my phone camera. As my experience in photography improved I decided I wanted a real camera to make my hobby complete.

Another favourite hobby that really lifts me up and helps me relax and unwind is drinking tea – and combine a nice cuppa with a peaceful, green environment and I will be in all my glory.


In my free time I take pleasure in writing a bit of poetry, reading books, learning about different cultures, and studying health, diet and history. My interest in art (sketching, drawing, painting etc) is an old passion I’d like to revive.

Sumana Khanom

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  1. You have some amazing photos on your blog. I really like the focus of nature therapy. Have you thought about adding some more text to your posts about different nature therapy themes? It would be a great addition to your posts and it might encourage readers of your blog to leave comments. Just a suggestion.

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